Agile Project Management

by Microsoft Project

Nowadays, two different types of competencies are needed to efficiently manage agile projects: Learning agile project management principles and using software that will be required in this regard. Microsoft Project offers the ability to plan, control and analyze existing resources of a project in an efficient way.

Learning Objectives


By attending this 14 hour course, the participants will learn the following topics in order to accomplish the objectives of the projects they manage:


  • Agile Project Management

  • Scrum Principles

  • Nexus Principles

  • Kanban Principles

  • Microsoft Project Usage


Learning Outcomes


What the participants have learned will be assessed by performance-based activities as follows. Using Microsoft Project, the participants are going to perform hands-on exercises related to the following subjects: task board, task board sheet, sprint planning board, sprint planning sheet, current sprint board, current sprint sheet, sprint management, reports, etc.

First Day – 7 Hours



1. Introduction

2. Agile Project Management

3. Scrum Principles

4. Project Initiation Stage

5. Scrum Team Formation

6. Product Backlog Preparation

7. Sprint Planning

8. Sprint Backlog Preparation

Second Day – 7 Hours


9. Sprint Activities

10. Resource Allocation

11. Baseline

12. Sprint Execution

13. Sprint Closure

14. Nexus

15. Kanban

16. Hybrid Approach

Evaluation of the Course

Who Should attend

This course has been prepared for people who will perform agile project management activities using Microsoft Project. However, the flow of the course is such that the people who are not doing project management activities will also benefit from the course. There is no prerequisite for the course.

Date & Duration

Date: Sept-26th to 27th 2020

14 Hours 


Method: This course is a workshop. Every participant needs a computer with Microsoft Professional installed in it.




  • Learning Agile principles

  • Learning Scrum principles

  • Learning Kanban principles

  • Learning Microsoft Project tool usage