About Conflict Management

Conflict is a good thing. If the conflict issue is about business.

But if the conflict has turned into individuality, then the people who conflict then harm not only themselves but also the business environment.

It may be useful to pay attention to the following points in order to prevent the conflict from turning into an individual.

  • Pay attention to individual relationships to avoid conflict from the beginning as much as possible.

  • Focus on the problem, not the human.

  • Encourage those around you for general participation.

  • Look for the source of the problem.

  • Create the necessary environment for the parties in conflict to defend.

  • Take steps to resolve the conflict, listening to the parties thoroughly.

  • Be loved and helpful.

  • Focus on resolving conflict in a short time. Postponements cause the conflict to grow.

  • Put the options to make sacrifices for the parties on the table.

  • Pay attention to active listening.

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