Agile Approach and Using Areas

Let's begin by underlining that Agile Approaches should not be considered only for information technology projects; It is also used effectively in the management of projects in the production, health, entertainment and service sectors. Therefore, I aim to provide practical applications for project managers in different sectors.

Agile approaches have been used extensively in projects in recent years. The most important element here is the collection of values ​​called the Agile Manifesto. Agile Manifesto discourses aim to respond quickly to the customer's requests.

In this context, it also aims to manage disruptive technologies. So what is Disruptive Technology? It is an expression used to describe the development of innovative products or services that destroy and replace the products and services that dominate the market.

Here we are moving towards a result like this. Especially large companies are not able to respond to the needs of their customers quickly due to their cumbersome. In this case, they need to be agile rather than large in order to be competitive in the market. Because you no longer have to be a big company to be an actor in the market.

Even if it is not official with a website, you are able to present a product to your end customer. In the past, small players had to endure an intense bureaucracy and a lot of marketing costs to find a place in the market. Currently, thanks to Disruptive Technologies, you can enter the market very quickly as a person or as a small company.

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