Benefits of Providing General Participation in Projects

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Some managers do not want to delegate their work for the following reasons.

- "My team members are inexperienced."

- "I'll do it myself until I explain the job."

- "Only those in my position can do these things."

- "I do such things that I cannot delegate things to anyone else."

- "My team members are experts, but they don't have the skills to make decisions like me."

Sometimes the anxiety of showing the managers that they are not idle to senior management creates significant weaknesses in the delegation. The worry that one of the subordinates will be replaced may be the manager's fearful dream.

However, management should be seen as directing and directing both people and jobs rather than actually doing the job. The people assigned to the positions see themselves as members of the team and start adding value to the job.

If we want to evaluate the above statements in terms of project management, informing the project team members from all stages of the project will provide great benefits. Let's explain this with an example;

There was a civil engineer attending our training. He had a construction company in the Aegean region. About a year ago, he attended the training with the desire to plan the activities at his construction sites with Microsoft Project and to report to his customer. He invited me to his job site 5-6 months after the training.

The view I saw was quite positive. He transferred the time management of the project to one team leader and cost management to another team leader. They tracked the daily progress and money spending from  workers through two separate Microsoft Project files.

In addition; In a 2-hour meeting on weekends, the general view of the project was reflected on the screen and all employees were told about the developments in the project. At the same meeting, the next week's work is also discussed. In this way, all team members had more ownership of the project and had the opportunity to share their ideas during these meetings.

The essence of the word;

1- Delegate jobs, but never leave control.

2- Include team members in planning and control processes.

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