How Do You Succeed When You Work From Home?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Working from home was once a dream for many people. However, during the pandemic, many employees experienced this feeling. Some companies have decided to continue working from home, and now our new question is: How do we succeed when we work from home?

Here are a few tips:

Wake up time

You don't have to go to work anymore, but that doesn't mean you can sleep as much as you want.

There was a time you had to go to the office. You can use this period to sleep if you wish. Consider how long this period is and decide on the new wake-up time according to your company's working hours.

You may have to make calls from the camera. So don't forget to make preparations a certain time before working hours. Activities such as showering, shaving and make-up in the morning will start the day more fit.

Take time for breakfast.

Some people may not want to eat anything early in the morning, but a light breakfast before starting work will positively affect your productivity.

It is known that the most productive working time range of many people is between 10:00 - 11:30. If you are hungry at these hours, you can spend the most productive time of the day by preparing food.

Get dressed.

Yes, maybe no one is watching you and sleepwear is comfortable. But always change the pajamas you wear while you sleep at night. You can choose casual clothes, but changing your clothes will positively affect your motivation to work.

If you think it will affect your motivation positively, you can prepare as if you are going to work at normal time.

The important thing is in which working conditions you feel good.

A space for your work

First of all, people who are not used to working from home are not ready to do this. You cannot sit on a couch in the living room while your children are running in the background. You need a special space for you and your business.

Many people do not have a home office, but it is very important to create such an area, even if it is small. Keep that area clean and tidy and don't let the rest of the family use it. This is your workspace. When you are there, all household members will need to understand and accept that you are actually at work.

Take time to exercise

Exercise for both mental and physical well-being. Get this every day if possible. Even a 30-minute walk will help clear your head.

Let me share with you a good technique I learned this week: a 30-second sprint to the fifth minute of the 30-minute walk and a 20-second normal run and then walk again will immediately remove toxins from your body. I recommend doing this twice in a 1 hour walk.

While working at the computer, it is necessary to stand up every 45 or 50 minutes, taking a short walk, and stretching your body will affect your working pace positively.

Take break periods

Work for two to three hours nonstop, then stop and do something else. Eat lunch, clean some parts of your home, wash dishes or clothes, play with your kids, a short walk—anything you like. After the break, work for another couple of hours then stop again. Take another break. And repeat once more.

In an office setting, you can walk through the building, interact with coworkers, or get takeout for lunch. Knowingly or not, every couple of hours, you probably end up taking a brief break at work anyway. At home, since those little office distractions no longer exist, your brakes need to be deliberate. An office worker has commute times, a lunch hour and numerous breaks throughout the day. At home, you can use that time to take your own breaks.

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