Ten Excuses For Not Planning

  • Our jobs are different. It is very dynamic, so it is not possible to plan and progress according to the plan. No need to waste time planning.

  • It is not clear when and what MS Project will do. (I don't know how to use MS Project correctly)

  • Our resources are always limited. (How to plan resources, I don't know)

  • The critical path in our project is very variable. (I don't know what the Critical Path is)

  • The customer's requests for changes disrupt our plan. (How to do Scope Management, I don't know)

  • Financial needs do not match the incoming monetary resource. (I do not know how to determine the budget)

  • The scope has expanded gradually, but senior management wants the project in the same budget and the same time. (The quality of the project is ignored)

  • I spend most of my day creating reports to senior management. I cannot find the opportunity to plan while writing a report.

  • I am not able to manage the project activities as I cannot get the necessary support from the department managers.

  • We know the subject of project management, we do the planning from our mind.

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