The Importance of Detailed Plan

A project manager must have the following qualifications:

  • Leadership

  • Motivating

  • Communication skills

  • Power of Persuasion

  • Problem Focused

Suppose you have all of these, but there is no plan.

You have requested resources from the managers of different departments for your project.

The first question you will be asked is: For which time frame, which qualification and how many people do you want from our department?

The answer cannot be that: "But I am the leader."

If you cannot answer satisfactorily with such a question, be as leader as you want ... pointless.

Although the Project Manager has human features, if he does not have a detailed plan, he cannot get the necessary support for his project.

So what are the sub-headings of this detailed plan?

1- Time Management output is Gantt Diagram

2- Cost Management output is Cash Flow

3- Quality Management output is Quality Management Plan

4- Human Resources Management output is Human Resources Histogram

5- Communication Management output is Communication Management Plan

6- Risk Management output is Risk Response Plan

7- Purchase Management output is Purchase Management Plan

A detailed project plan is convincing to satisfy stakeholders and to support the project.

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