What is the PERT Diagram simply?

PERT diagrams are a tool to document and analyze activities in a project. Project Evaluation and Review Technique was developed to support complex projects in the 1950s.

Typical Usage

PERT provides a demonstration that will make the sequence of activities seen more clearly. The method makes it easy to show differences between predicted and actual times, adjust future activities, and achieve the goal of the project. On the other hand, it will help us find the critical path of the project.

Best Practice

Identify activities - The first step is to identify the activities of the project.

Create sequence - Create the sequence of activities between each other.

Estimate duration - Give estimates of how long each activity will last. However, set lag times (such as concrete drying, waiting for senior management approval) or lead times between activities. When considering activity durations, remember to consider the performance of the person to be hired.

Determine Critical Path - Identify critical activities of the project, early and late start / end times, abundance values.

Review - Subtract the amount of resources needed by the project for time periods (eg. cash flow, resource histogram). Include the project's quality criteria, risks, communication requirements, procurement plan and analyze the plan.

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