Why Are Lessons Learned Important?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Organizations do not start projects only for profit. By producing projects that will add experience to employees, they aim to turn them into earnings in the long run. Any successful or unsuccessful project actually gives the project manager significant experiences.

On the other hand, the archiving of the project records should contribute to the company's experience.

Within the project archives, there are titles such as information about the people involved in the project, revision records in the plans, comparing the realizations with the plans.

The lessons learned are also from the project archives. Lessons Learned, according to PMI, are records prepared to analyze what went right and wrong. Lessons learned should be documented as the project phases are completed. Thus, it improves the learning speed of the organization. Collecting these records in the Project Office and making them available to project managers again will contribute to the learning speed of the company.

The writing format is also very important for the Lessons Learned to benefit subsequent project managers. The Lessons Learned written in the form of an article are both difficult to write and read. Therefore, Lessons Learned should be turned into "Checklist" for easy use of subsequent project managers.

As the Lessons Learned increases, the Checklist will expand, and in the future, a project manager will have checked all the details to avoid any mistakes that were made before him. Checklists are discussed in detail within PMI's Project Quality Management Knowledge Area.

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