Why Microsoft Project instead of Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a panacea program. It helps you to write prose, calculate complex formulas or manage databases.

Of course, it is also possible to create Gantt Diagrams in project management. You write activities from top to bottom, and columns become dates. Gantt Diagram occurs when you paint the columns in different colors for the activities.

If you know that the Gantt Diagram is not a stand-alone project plan, you guess Excel also lacks many tools required for project management. Here are 10 reasons to use MS Project instead of Excel:

  • You will spend more time in Excel than MS Project to collect the total cost, effort information of the project and phases.

  • It is more difficult to prepare the main phases, activities, milestones and track progress in Excel compared to MS Project.

  • Project timeline is static in Excel. If there is a change in activity durations, it is time consuming to reflect this situation on the remaining activities. MS Project reflects the changes to all subsequent activities.

  • It is easier to assign resources to activities in MS Project than in Excel.

  • While MS Project allows you to define cost increases, holiday information of your resources, there is no such feature in Excel.

  • It is easier to track duration and cost changes and prepare reports in MS Project compared to Excel.

  • It is easier to determine the resource requirements periodically in MS Project than in Excel.

  • Special reports for the project management are available in MS Project. It is difficult or impossible to prepare the same report content in Excel.

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