Program Management Fundamentals

A project is a time bounded work to generate a specific product, service or result. It is managed by progressive elaboration. A program is a collection of related projects managed in a coordinated manner. Additional benefits would not be achieved if the projects were managed individually.

To a significant extend, the fate of a company is determined by how efficiently programs and projects are managed. In addition, a common problem seen in the companies is the conflicts of different types of workloads of the employees. One of the objectives of the program management is to prevent such problems.

Learning Objectives

By attending this 14 hour traditional classroom course, the participants will learn the following topics in order to accomplish the objectives of the portfolios, programs or projects they manage:


  • Program management framework

  • Program components

  • Program performance areas

  • Program life cycle

Learning Outcomes

Performance-based activities will be performed to assess what the participants have learned.


The participants will be assessed on their ability to explain the business case, charter, stakeholder register, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder engagement plan, roadmap, benefits register, benefits management plan, environmental assessments, and risk management strategy on assigned case studies.

First Day – 7 Hours


  1. Terminology

  2. Organizational strategy

  3. Organizational project management

  4. Organizational structures

  5. Project management office

  6. Program components

  7. Program performance areas

  8. Program governance

  9. Program life cycle

  10. Program definition phase

  11. Program delivery phase

  12. Program closure phase

  13. Program strategy alignment

  14. Program stakeholder engagement

  15. Program benefits management


Second Day – 7 Hours


  1. Business case

  2. Charter

  3. Stakeholder register

  4. Stakeholder analysis

  5. Stakeholder engagement plan

  6. Roadmap

  7. Benefits register

  8. Benefits management plan

  9. Environmental assessments

  10. Risk management strategy

  11. Stakeholder communications

  12. Stakeholder engagement sustainment

  13. Benefits delivery

  14. Benefits transition

  15. Benefits sustainment

Who Should attend

Any person who plan to take the PMP® examination may attend.

Date & Duration

Date: Oct. 17-18 2020

14 hours.



Live & Online


  • Knowledge and critical application techniques of the five main stages of project management are covered.

  • Sample questions related to the PMP® exam are tried. An in depth discussion of answers with the instructor follows whenever necessary.

  • A study plan for the exam as a template is offered.