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PMP® Exam Preparation
Jan 25-28 and Feb 1-3/2021 -
7days x 5hours = 35 hrs 

This training program is a 35 hour, live streaming - virtual course. The aim of the course is to prepare the participants for the examination. By attending this training program, the participants fulfill one of the prerequisites for taking the exam, which is attending a 35 hour project management course.

Project Management Fundamentals 
Sept 15th-16th 2020 - 14 hours

The course targets teaching the techniques in all areas of project management and improving the skills of the project managers. At the end of the course, the participants are going to know the necessary planning and controlling techniques related to schedule, cost, quality, human resources, customer satisfaction, risk, etc. for all stages of the project.

Plan - Execute - Control Projects by Microsoft Project
Sept. 19th-20th 2020 - 14 hours

Problems and opportunities are inescapable outside factors for organizations. Lack of capacity for production, emerging needs for a new brand of software applications, new competitors in your market could cause changes in your company’s strategies and organizational structure. Your aim should be adapting your organization to sustain its development against these changes in shortest possible time.

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Agile Project Management by Microsoft Project
Sept. 26th-27th 2020 - 14 hours

Nowadays, two different types of competencies are needed to efficiently manage agile projects: Learning agile project management principles and using software that will be required in this regard. Microsoft Project offers the ability to plan, control and analyze existing resources of a project in an efficient way.

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Program Management
Oct. 17th-18th 2020 - 14 hours

A project is a time bounded work to generate a specific product, service or result. It is managed by progressive elaboration. A program is a collection of related projects managed in a coordinated manner. Additional benefits would not be achieved if the projects were managed individually.



Project Management is our first and the only business. 

You can demand these courses privately to your company.


Case studies, examples of the course will be tailored to align your industry.


As PROJECT EDUCATION CENTER (PEC), we provide course instruction and consultancy in the area of project management for 15 years. Our vision is to provide instruction and consultancy project management emphasis to become the preferred institution. In order to reach this aim, we continuously try to improve our technical expertise and do research to share this expertise through training and consultancy.


Project Management Institute® (PMI®) is the premier institution about project management in the world.

Our contents of courses, course notes, skills of instructors (PMP® degree preferred), service quality and other related criteria are prepared in detail.


Our consultants are experienced in different sections of industry. Training sessions include industry specific case studies that give examples of how the information covered in courses are applied in practical situations.



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