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Microsoft Project Course


2 days

About the Course

This is a workshop course. The participants will be assessed on their ability to use the Microsoft Project program at the assigned case studies. The case studies cover the planning, executing, and monitoring and controlling stages of projects.


After the training, the attendees will have the following acquisition of knowledge


  • Preparation of plan using MS Project

  • Scope management

  • Time management

  • Work load management of the resources.

  • Project cost management

  • Reporting

  • Customizing of the MS Project application


Project Management Processes

  •             What Is Project And Project Management?

  •             Project Management Processes

  •             Relations Between P.M Processes And Ms Project


Project Scope Statement

  •             Define Project Scope Statement

  •             Benefits Of Project Scope Statement To Stakeholders

  •             An Example Of A Project Scope Statement


Introduction Of Ms Project

  •             Data Entrance And Track Data Methods

  •             View – Table – Filtre Properties

  •             Calenders


Planning With Creating WBS

  •             Creating Tasks And Interpreting WBS

  •             Case Study


Activity Interdependencies

  •  Defining Activity Dependencies

  •  What Is Lag And Lead Time ? How Is It Used ?

  •  Defining Activity Dependencies In Reference Project And General Look At The Project


Forecasting Duration And Cost   

  •  Examining Forecasting Techniques

  •  Assigning Resources And Forecasts To Jobs

  •  Entering Resources To Ms Project

  •  Assigning Resources And Forecasts To Jobs In Reference Projects


Project Analysis I  

  •  Analyzing Projects In Time, Cost And Effort Terms

  •  Analyzing Activity Based Time, Cost And Effort Information

  •  Analyzing Resource Based Time, Cost And Effort Information


Critical Path Method (Cpm) And Pert Methods  

  •  Defining Critical Path And Its Importance In Project

  •  Analyzing Critical Path In Reference Project

  •  Importance Of Total Slack And Free Slack Terms

  •  Interpreting Time, Cost And Effort Information According To Critical Path


Over Allocation Problems In Projects  

  •  Monitoring Resource’s Effort – Cost Information

  •  Allocating Over Time To Resources

  •  Changing Working Hours And Leveling

  •  Shortening Project Time – Lengthening Methods


Project Analysis II

  •  Importing Project Cost And Effort Data To Excel And Graphical Representation

  •  Comparing The Last Version Project With Pr. Scope Statement


Project Control

  •  Baselining

  •  Entering Actual Data To Ms Project

  •  Analyzing Difference Between Actual And Planned

  •  Standard Report Formats In Ms Project

  •  Creating Reports In Ms Project For Different Needs


Using Ms Project In Advanced Level

  •             Recurring Tasks

  •             Create New View – Table – Filtre

  •             Changing Menubar

  •             Creating Forms

  •             Creating Alternative Plans In Ms Project


Multi-Project Environment

  •             Resource Pool Structure

  •             Sharing Resources Between Multi Projects

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