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Why PMP?

Be Informed

Why Should I Get PMP® Certification?

The PMP® Certification (Project Management Professional) is a globally recognized certification. It proves that the knowledge that needs to be managed in a project is adequately understood by the certificate owner. Therefore, the top management of companies prefer to hand over their projects to a PMP® Certified person for the successful completion of their projects. This creates a two-sided win-win relationship.

Advantages of the Certificate

Let's examine the advantages of PMP® Certification in turn.

1- Mastery of Methods

A person with PMP® Certification is basically familiar with three project management approaches. Predictive, agile and hybrid. The project manager, who knows which projects should be run by which method, will exhibit a faster, less costly and reliable management model.

2- Mastery of Knowledge Areas

The titles to be managed in a project are respectively;

  • Integration

  • Scope,

  • Time,

  • Cost,

  • Quality,

  • Resource,

  • Communication,

  • Risk,

  • Supply,

  • Stakeholder.

A person with a PMP® Certificate has detailed knowledge of these knowledge areas. Thus, he can speculate about the interactions between knowledge areas while managing the project. For example, understanding the impact of scope expansion on time or cost.

3- Mastery of Processes

A project manager with PMP® Certification knows what processes are within the process groups of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the project. He also has knowledge of how these processes progress in a predictive or agile approach.

4- Mastery of Tools and Techniques

Numerous tools and techniques are required to run a project. Thanks to these tools and techniques, it is possible to demonstrate logical and analytical approaches. A project manager with PMP® Certification has a good command of the tools and techniques in project management, and can use them effectively when appropriate, making a significant impact on the success of the project.

5- Offers Job Opportunity Worldwide

According to the report published in the Project Management Institute report, approximately 88 million people will take part in project-based studies in 2027. The subject that is most open to development in terms of career is the specializations on project management. The report also showed the needs in different countries and mentioned the importance of project management in terms of career development.

6- Offers Opportunity for Career Development

You may have worked on many projects so far. If you are aiming for career development in project management over time, PMP® Certification will be of great help in achieving your goal.

7- Keeping Your Information Up-to-Date

The validity of the PMP® Certificate is three years. By keeping yourself updated on developments in project management in three years, you can extend your certification for another three years. From this point of view, you don't need to worry about whether the information of a person who obtained the PMP® certification not too long ago is up to date. If a person has not updated their information, the PMP® Certificate will be dropped. In order for that person to become a PMP® again, they must take the exam.

8- Easy Access to Project Examples from the World

Once you have the PMP® Certificate, you can access information about project work around the world by subscribing to PMI® annually ($129). It will be easier for you to reach many data about reports on different sectors, developing business areas and career opportunities.

9- Higher Salary Advantage

According to PMI®'s Salary Survey, those with PMP® Certification earn 23% more salary. Rates vary by country, but in general, the salary of certificate holders is higher than those without certificates.

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