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PMP® Certification

What you wonder about the PMP Exam.

What is PMP® Certification?

As the world’s leading authority on project management, PMI created PMP® Certification to recognize project managers who have proven they have the skills to successfully manage projects. Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification represents an elite group of project managers. It proves project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working.


To obtain PMP® certification, a project manager must meet certain requirements and then pass a 180-question exam. The PMP® exam was created by project leaders for project leaders, so each test question can be related to real-life project management experiences.


PMP® certification validates that you are highly skilled in:

  • People: Recognising you have the skills to effectively lead and motivate a project team throughout a project.

  • Process: Using predictive, agile and hybrid approaches to determine which way of working is best for each project.

  • Business: Highlighting the success of a project and its impact on overall strategic organisational goals.

Why earn PMP certification?

Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.3 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2030. This means skilled project managers are in high demand. PMP certification is designed by project professionals, for project professionals and validates that you are among the best.

The PMP adds value. CIO magazine regards the PMP as the gold standard for project management certification because it demonstrates an ability to perform at the highest level in desirable skill areas.


The PMP delivers benefits. The median salary for project professionals is 14% higher in Europe (and 16% higher globally) than those without it.


The PMP proves you work smarter. It shows you have the skills to drive business results and increase your organisation’s impact in the office and around the world.

Am I Eligible?

Earning your PMP Certification is a commitment, and that’s why it is valuable. If you have real-world project management experience, you’ve finished the hardest part. Before you apply, make sure you meet one of the following sets of PMP Certification requirements:

  • Four-Year Degree

  • 36 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years

  • 35 hours of project management education/training

Land a higher salary

It’s a fact—PMP offers high-end earning potential. In most industries and most locations around the world you earn more as a PMP-certified project leader.

The PMI Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey – Twelfth Edition reports on the 2021 median salary of project managers to clearly show the impact of having and maintaining your PMP certification. This latest salary edition proves that across 40 countries surveyed, respondents with a PMP certification make an average of 16% higher than those without – 32% within the US. In addition to a one-time salary raise, 22% of respondents reported increases of at least 5% over the year.

Find new career opportunities with a credibility boost

Innovative organizations around the world look for the PMP—some even require it! Put yourself in high demand for bigger projects and better jobs by adding the leading certification to your name.

As a globally recognized certification, the PMP can open doors for you within your company or in another organization. This is because of the valuable skills you will learn during the process of obtaining your PMP certification.

Tap into a growing community

Network with the best of the best in your field; seek insight from others facing similar challenges; find a mentor or peer who can help you thrive.

With over 1 million people across the globe maintaining a PMP certification, it is one of the most widely held and well-known certifications. Joining this elite community provides you with the opportunity to become a PMI Member, join a PMI Chapter and even attend PMI Training sessions around the world.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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